What is Brephos?

Brephos exists to help churches to respond to abortion. 

It all starts with clear teaching on abortion.





The New Testament Greek word brephos means 'infant', or 'baby', and is used of babies whether in the womb (unborn) or out of the womb (born).


In Luke 1 it is used of John the Baptist leaping for joy in the womb as a fetal 6-month-old, and in Luke 2 it is used of the newborn Jesus lying in the manger.

It is therefore a word that encapsulates the continuity of life, humanity, personhood across the moment of birth, which is not when a human being comes into an existence, but when a human being changes environment.

The name Brephos helps to keep the focus on the unborn – so often left out of the abortion debate – and also reminds us that we are approaching this biblically as well as scientifically, and we see the two going hand-in-hand.

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