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Although Brephos is not a church, theology is for us paramount; we seek to approach the issue of abortion above all theologically.

The truths we believe – that God created, God is love, God will judge, heaven and hell exist – make all the difference to what we do.

Some doctrines pertain more directly to abortion, such as the doctrine of creation, but we believe that all the core doctrines are actually essential in shaping what we believe, say, and do – and why – when it comes to abortion and our engagement with the Church and with the world.


We earnestly pray that the Church will start to approach this issue from God’s point of view.

We desire to be: orthodox, gospel-centred, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led, Christ-imitating, prophetic, evangelistic, biblical.

We take the Bible as the final authority for theology and practice.

Whilst no words are adequate or sufficient, we hold these beliefs to be true.


If you have any questions about what we believe and why, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

what does "brephos" mean?

The New Testament Greek word brephos means “infant”, or “baby”, and is used of babies whether in the womb (unborn) or out of the womb (born).


In Luke 1 it is used of John the Baptist leaping for joy in the womb as a fetal 6-month-old, and in Luke 2 it is used of the newborn Jesus lying in the manger.

It is therefore a word that encapsulates the continuity of life, humanity, personhood across the moment of birth, which is not when a human being comes into an existence, but when a human being changes environment.

The name Brephos helps to keep the focus on the unborn – so often left out of the abortion debate – and also reminds us that we are approaching this biblically as well as scientifically, and we see the two going hand-in-hand.


Brephos is a project of Centre For Bio-Ethical Reform UK.


CBRUK exists to educate the whole of society on the humanity of the unborn child and the injustice of abortion using images and other evidence; and to support those who have been hurt by it.

The Centre For Bio-Ethical Reform UK condemns any abortion related violence.

Trustees of Centre For Bio-Ethical Reform UK:

Robert Colquhoun – Director of International Campaigns for 40 Days for Life


Pauline Peachey – Founder of PASE (Post Abortion Support for Everyone) responding to the damage caused by abortion in people’s lives


Wilfred Wong – Campaigner, fundraiser, and lobbyist, previously involved with Stephen's Children and Society for the Protection of Unborn Children


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