national day of prayer for life 2019

Six months ago workers from a number of pro-life organisations met around a table and agreed on 27 October 2019 as a National Day of Prayer for Life.  Brephos is thrilled to promote and support this day.

Click here for our growing wall of prayer for your encouragement, inspiration, and guidance.  

To add to the wall, email and we’ll do our best to publish it.

Could you encourage your local congregation to pray on 27 October? Could you join one of the prayer meetings hosted by our volunteers in London, York, or Hastings? Could you host your own?

Let’s pray together for the end of abortion.

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Meet by Sir Winston Churchill Statue on Parliament Square Garden, opposite Houses of Parliament

Public prayer meeting "pursuing justice for the most vulnerable through prayer."



Joy Wilson, Brephos volunteer

Dave Showcase.jpg



Calvary Chapel, 1 Barbican Road, York YO10 3WR

Public prayer meeting walking the walls of York City.


Dave Brennan, director of Brephos with Keith Hayden, Brephos volunteer

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Outside Station Plaza Health Centre, Hastings TN34 1BA

Prayer of repentance.


Bethel Prayer Centre, 47 Wellington Square, Hastings TN34 1PN

(lower side entrance, left door)

Intercession and Holy Communion.

07972 404073


Susie Molina, CBRUK