excerpt from the follow-up message sent to the few Christian voices who were eager to participate in such an act of repentance:


Thanks so much again for your willingness to get involved with this act of repentance over abortion.


However please hold off for now on recording that video if you haven't done it already.


We've sensed the Lord impress upon us over the last few days that we've got the date and perhaps in part the approach wrong on this. Whilst we sense the urgency, we are realising that we cannot generate repentance; this can't be something we do to the Church or without the Church, but rather it's something that needs to come from the Church, from the heart.


Our prayer is that this will come from Church leadership and be a truly corporate, truly national thing - not just another fringe event with marginal buy-in.


We do believe that the Lord is stirring hearts and we can see this coming - but not in four weeks' time.

We desire to be in step with God's timing and will be continuing to work with leaders whose hearts are opening to this message. We will continue to educate and call people to repentance.


Please accept our apologies for not listening well enough to the Lord's timing.