Guest Specials

In conversation with Rev. Jamie Franklin (Irreverend: Faith & Current Affairs), Sarah Teibo (Church Unboxed) and others

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The Bible & Me  |  11 Feb 2022

The Brephos story

It was on a trip to Africa in his twenties that Dave's eyes were opened, through his now wife, to appreciate in a whole new way the real beauty and wonder of the yet unborn child in a mother’s womb.

Nigel Watts

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Church Unboxed  |  2 November 2021

Is the church ignoring abortion?

How clear is the church's response to abortion?


Why is abortion a vital issue which the church needs to respond to?

Sarah Teibo

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Tronline  |  29 Jan 2022

Issues of abortion

Conversation between senior minister William Philip and Dave Brennan. Wide-ranging discussion dives into the nature, scale, and cause of abortion, whilst also suggesting some possible courses of action for churches and Christians to take.

Willie Philip

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Irreverend: Faith & Current Affairs | 22 September 2021

Abortion and the Covid-19 vaccines

Rev. Jamie Franklin and Dave Brennan discuss the use of human embryonic tissue in the vaccines' development and testing.

What has the Church's response been to the use of this aborted foetal tissue? How should a Christian respond to these facts? And what can the current response tell us about the spiritual health of the Church and our nation?

Jamie Franklin

Cactus on Yellow Wall

Back to Jerusalem  |  16 Dec 2021

Environmental paganism in the church

To declare the climate an “emergency” and “the defining issue of our time and the greatest threat to our well-being, globally and locally” is to follow the zeitgeist, not the Bible or the facts.


Abstract Lights

Pastors' Academy | 5 June 2020


The basics

Pastors' Academy Christian Ethics tutor Matthew Mason in conversation with Dave Brennan.

Matthew Mason