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"Abortion is seen as one of those 'taboo' subjects, but as an evangelist I am convinced that the gospel is big enough to handle this issue. After 50 years of abortion in the UK - 9 million babies lost - it's high time that we, the Church, considered the facts, became a voice for the voiceless, and held out words of gospel grace to those who've been involved in abortion. I commend Dave Brennan and Brephos and all that they do to help us respond to this injustice."


Rev'd Canon J.John, Philo Trust

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CBR UK  |  June 2022

Roe v Wade & the backstreet abortions lie

"Women will die in backstreet abortions."

Dave responds to this narrative being discussed in the media.

Dave Brennan


Tiny Hands

Speak Life  |  May 2022

Roe v Wade: Truth & grace

Paul Feesey interviews Debbie Mountford about the Roe v Wade situation, the case for the humanity of the unborn, and common pro-choice objections.

How can the Church speak into these issues with truth and grace?

Debbie Mountford


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Missing Millions  |  March 2022

The failure of the Church

The Church of England's paper affirming child sacrifice.


"Shout it aloud, do not hold back.  Declare to my people their rebellion..." 

Isaiah 58:1

Dave Brennan


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Christian Concern  |  July 2022

Roe v Wade:  Is the end of abortion close?

Is it right for Christians to rejoice that Roe v Wade has been overturned?


What effect is the decision likely to have on the UK?

Round Table


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Facing the Canon  |  Nov 2020

In conversation with J. John

If you have had an abortion, is the gospel big enough for you?

If you are considering an abortion, what will the doctors not tell you?

D. Brennan/ J. John


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Revelation TV  |  April 2022

The Church's response to the government

We discuss the apathy and indifference within the Church towards abortion and the spiritual danger of their silence.

We discuss the urgent need for the Church to speak out against abortion or remain silent which is complicity with evil.

Dave Brennan


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Conference: Breaking the Silence  |  October 2018

Addressing abortion on a Sunday morning

One of the hardest words to utter from the pulpit is ‘abortion’.  And yet, with 800 babies aborted every working day in the UK alone, is God commanding us to break the silence?

Dave Brennan


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Conference: For Such a Time as This  |  November 2019

Laura, Charlotte & Kathryn: Our stories

Laura, Charlotte and Kathryn had their abortions at Brixton Marie Stopes at around the same time nearly 20 years ago.  These are their stories.

Laura Mann +


Newborn Baby

Speak Life  |  January 2019

A voice for the voiceless

Dave Brennan, talks to Glen Scrivener about the work of Brephos and why he is pro-life.

How does the church today need to wake up to the issue of abortion?

Dave Brennan


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