Into the Pray

2020-2021  |  In conversation with Nick & Mairi Franks


Into the Pray  |  15 Dec 2021

Disruption of sound doctrine

Confronting evil, error and injustice: Do we fear man or fear the Lord?

Be prepared for the Lord to disrupt...

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Yellow Couch

Into the Pray  |  5 Nov 2021

Climate change: the real emergency?

Pt 2

Sit back and listen to Dave, Nick and Mairi read J.C.Ryle's 19th Century classic, A Call to Pray.

Our conclusion: The real emergency threatening the world is the "prayerless Church".

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Into the Pray  |  6 Oct 2021

Why is Jordan Peterson correct?

Nick and Dave continue to discuss the intimate interconnectedness of abortion and transgender ideology.

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Painted Brick Wall

Into the Pray  |  15 Sept 2021

If not Catholics, then who are we?

This final episode in our focus on contraception is a very helpful look at Scripture to enable us all to continue to think carefully and biblically about the things that we say we believe.

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Into the Pray  |  18 Aug 2021

Clarifying contraception - pt 4

Ft. Joanna Chandler:

In conversation with Joanna who has done a lot of thinking and studying in this area, starting with her High School thesis a decade ago!

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Into the Pray  |  14 July 2021

Clarifying contraception - pt 1

The facts:

Which "contraceptives" have the potential to end a human life that's already begun?

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Into the Pray  |  12 May 2021

Three Families: Satan's lullaby [part 2]

We conclude our response to part 2 of BBC 1's 'Three Families', (available to watch here).


Who is the real enemy?

"O our God, will you not execute judgment on them? For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.”  (2 Chronicles 20:12)

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Into the Pray  |  21 April 2021

The church and vaccine passports

Nick and Dave pause this week to discuss the general posture of the Church with regard to things like vaccine passports.

First and foremost, we are all people of God, sons and daughters of the Coming King, not abortion activists.

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Into the Pray  |  19 March 2021

Vaccines: do not be deceived

Should disciples of Jesus Christ be taking the Covid-19 vaccine?


Discussion of the recent debate between Dave Brennan and Prof. John Wyatt, Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London and President of the Christian Medical Fellowship.

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Person Sitting on Gate

Into the Pray  |  24 Feb 2021

What if I've already been vaccinated?

Nick and Dave navigate this difficult situation as sensitively as possible, speaking words of profound comfort for those who feel conflicted having had the vaccine already.  They also offer comment on the big, media-pedalled narratives that are pressing the decision to be made.

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Into the Pray  |  11 Dec 2020

Abortion is abhorrent and yet we don't feel the abhorrence of it; to us it is just normal.

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Into the Pray  |  12 Nov 2020

How many people were killed during WW1 and WW2, combined? Do you know? Do you know how many people were killed in the last century through the abhorrence of abortion?

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Into the Pray  |  24 Nov 2021

Peering through Jeremiah 7

Looking together through the window of Scripture into eternity beyond.

"Stand at the gate of the Lord’s house and there proclaim this message..."  (Jeremiah 7:1)

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Into the Pray  |  3 Nov 2021

Climate change: the real emergency?

Pt 1

Following COP26, is all of this harmless or is there something more nefarious lurking behind the scenes?

How should we think about the importance of creation? 


How should we both steward and worship?

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Into the Pray  |  29 Sept 2021

Intimidated by transgenderism?

Live audio of Dave speaking with Laurie Penny, re. abortion and related feminist/transgender ideologies.

How does 'pro-choice' thinking connect with other ideologies that are trampling conscience, and freedom of thought?

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Into the Pray  |  1 Sept 2021

Clarifying Catholicism - pt 2

What are evangelical leaders saying about what's happening in the Church today?


And what about the blurred lines between Evangelicals and Catholics?

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Into the Pray  |  28 July 2021

Clarifying contraception - pt 3


The joys and sorrows of Anandi and Dave's personal testimony, and their concluding position on contraception.

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On Air Sign

Into the Pray  |  8 July 2021

Podcasts to help end abortion

Recap about our conversations on abortion thus far:


What have we already talked about and, looking to the coming Lord Jesus, where are we planning to go?

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Into the Pray  |  11 May 2021

Three Families: Satan's lullaby [part 1]

We respond to part 1 of the new BBC 1 drama 'Three Families', available to watch on BBC iPlayer if you missed it here.

What of the abortion laws of Northern Ireland and the tumultuous changes of 2019?

What is the BBC's agenda here?

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White Tile Wall

Into the Pray  |  31 March 2021

IVF, Rachel and


Dave, Nick and Mairi read through a key passage in Genesis (critically, the book of origins) where the deception of the human heart is clear for all to see...or at least those who want to see.







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Into the Pray  |  10 March 2021

Covid jabs and the prophetic-less church

We continue to discuss the horrors of abortion and the complicity of the British evangelical Church towards the wholesale promotion of Covid-19 vaccines. 

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Into the Pray  |  17 Feb 2021

Should we have the Covid vaccine?

What role is propaganda playing in this?

What ethical questions should you consider when thinking about the vaccine?

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Into the Pray  |  4 Dec 2020

Abortion's tiny little doses of arsenic

William Wilberforce said of slavery to Prime Minister, William Pitt, "It's like arsenic: each new tiny dose doubles its effect."

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Eden Farm is a children’s village for or

Into the Pray  |  9 Nov 2021

Peering through Psalm 139

Nick, Mairi and Dave read Psalm 139 and begin the process us of lifting our thinking.

"Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth." (Colossians 3:2)

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Into the Pray  |  13 Oct 2021

Covid-19 vaccines: aren't other meds also wrong then?

If we take a stand regarding the Covid-19 vaccines, won't that mean that we also have to take a similar stand regarding a wide range of other medications?

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Into the Pray  |  22 Sept 2021

Transgender ideology, predestination & the need to offend

"From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force..." (Matthew 11:12)

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Into the Pray  |  25 Aug 2021

Clarifying Catholicism - pt 1

As we pivot somewhat from our focus on contraception, we come to the critical issue of the Roman Catholic Church.

Is a move to Catholicism an acceptable solution to the  gross unfaithfulness rife within Protestantism?

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Into the Pray  |  21 July 2021

Clarifying contraception - pt 2

The culture:

What are the ideas, attitudes, dreams, and fears that fuel our assumptions and decisions when it comes to contraception?

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Into the Pray  |  19 May 2021

IVF, Instagram, and narcissism in the church

What is the overall goal of all that we do?


What does disagreeing well look like?

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Into the Pray  |  5 May 2021


our position

How are our Christian lives distinct from others who also would naturally want children?


How do IVF and the abortion genocide relate to each other?

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Into the Pray  |  24 March 2021

IVF: Is it ever


Nick and Mairi share their journey, and the point at which they came face to face with the realities of IVF and the strong witness of the Holy Spirit that IVF was not the way forward.

We listen to Mairi's testimony as a woman of God who longs to be a Mummy but who recognises something very profound about the heart of God on this issue.

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Into the Pray  |  2 March 2021

Our testimony of prophecy

"Why do some people believe that abortion is wrong, yet do and say relatively little?

What happens when the Church stops leading and starts following?

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Into the Pray  |  17 Dec 2020

Shining a spotlight onto this subject - forcing it into the front of our consciousness - rather than leaving it buried in numbness and complicity of our minds, Nick and Dave discuss the root of the problem: idolatry.

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Into the Pray  |  27 Nov 2020

The second podcast in a long, trailing conversation about the abhorrence of abortion.

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