• Dave Brennan

Partnership with K180

In an exciting new partnership, CBRUK teamed up with evangelistic ministry K180 for outreach in London over the Late May Bank Holiday weekend.

This was a significant step forward for us in becoming more intentional in proactively sharing the gospel as part of our public education work – something that we have sensed the Lord laying on our hearts.

Our first display on the Saturday turned out to be right on the path of the Freedom March. This wasn’t thanks to our planning, but the marchers proved to be such a large and receptive crowd that we made plans to be at the next one on June 26th (below)!

K180 led some street preaching on the Sunday afternoon in Leicester Square before we headed down to Speakers’ Corner and took to the soap box engaging those present on the issue of abortion.

This easily drew a crowd and we were able to have very fruitful conversations about abortion and the gospel, in particular with Muslims.

Many of the team remarked on how easy it was to share the gospel when starting with the issue of abortion.

We hope to grow our partnership with our friends at K180 and keep working on this powerful synthesis of activism and evangelism.

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