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October 2018

What we see and say about the unborn

“In one part of the hospital we’re trying to save babies’ lives, and in another part of the hospital, bigger, tougher, stronger babies are being aborted…”

Prof. John Wyatt

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October 2018

The UK evangelical response to abortion

“Abortion is part of our calling,” says Cathy Warwick, Royal College College of Midwives.

Matt Cliff


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October 2018

Protecting life in the womb

Abortion has been so taboo in the church, probably more than any other issue.  Why has this justice issue been so difficult to raise in the church?

Dr Calum Miller



October 2018

Breaking the silence in London

What is the church’s main response to abortion? If we’re honest it can often be described in one word: silence.

[Evangelicals Now]

Jamie Southcombe


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October 2018

Extreme abortion bill

Parliament are trying to pass a bill which would expose babies to sex selective abortion.

Fiona Bruce MP


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October 2018

Addressing abortion on a Sunday morning

One of the hardest words to utter from the pulpit is ‘abortion’.  And yet, with 800 babies aborted every working day in the UK alone, is God commanding us to break the silence?

Dave Brennan


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