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What about the women?

Woman at Subway

Conference: For Such a Time as This  |  November 2019

Laura, Charlotte & Kathryn: Our stories

Laura, Charlotte and Kathryn had their abortions at Brixton Marie Stopes at around the same time nearly 20 years ago.  These are their stories.

Laura Mann +


Image by Scott Umstattd

Conference: Abortion: is it a Gospel Issue?  |  May 2020

Plea to church leaders

Laura, post-abortive, entreats pastors to speak about abortion in their churches, to make way for God to heal. 


"Jesus did not come to make us comfortable"…

Laura Mann


Afternoon Light

Equipped to Educate Series  |  March 2020

Life and recovery

How do we offer hope to those who have had an abortion? 


How can we offer help to those considering having an abortion?

Kathryn Attwood


Wooden Sign

St Mary's East Molesey | June 2018

A personal story of abortion

"My abortion and journey to freedom."  Pauline Peachey, who had an abortion nearly 50 years ago, tells her story.​

Pauline Peachey


premier - church we need to talk.jpg

Premier | October 2018

Church, we need to talk about abortion

Silence in the Church is not neutral. It communicates something loud and clear: unforgivable.

Dave Brennan


Image by Tim Woodson

Heart Publications | July 2018

"In our church we can speak about abortion"

What happens when a church is silent about abortion?

Dave Brennan


Image by Stefan Spassov

Post Abort Support for Everyone

For fathers

Is abortion just a woman's issue, or does the father also have an emotional response?



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