How to teach on abortion

Image by Jess Bailey

October 2018

Addressing abortion on a Sunday morning

One of the hardest words to utter from the pulpit is ‘abortion’.  And yet, with 800 babies aborted every working day in the UK alone, is God commanding us to break the silence?

Dave Brennan


Wooden Sign

St Mary's East Molesey | June 2018

A personal story of abortion

"My abortion and journey to freedom."

Pauline Peachey


Image by Rachel Strong

July 2019

What does the bible say about abortion?

Sex, idols and alters.  What does the bible actually say?

Dave Brennan


Little Feet

November 2017

Justice for the fatherless

“He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow.”  Deutoronomy 10:18  Abortion demands our response.

Pete Jackson


Image by frank mckenna

September 2020

Preaching on abortion without the 'MAGA' hat on

We don't want to do this 'the American way'...

Dave Brennan