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"Abortion is seen as one of those 'taboo' subjects, but as an evangelist I am convinced that the gospel is big enough to handle this issue. After 50 years of abortion in the UK - 9 million babies lost - it's high time that we, the Church, considered the facts, became a voice for the voiceless, and held out words of gospel grace to those who've been involved in abortion. I commend Dave Brennan and Brephos and all that they do to help us respond to this injustice."



Rev'd Canon J.John, Philo Trust

“Abortion is the anti-gospel. It is an assault on the image, character, grace, gospel, and glory of God. For the Christian to see it as anything less than that is to reject a biblical view of God’s gospel and God’s glory. I am excited to see a new and rising generation of young men and women who understand this. David Brennan is at the forefront of the movement with his pioneering work at Brephos. I am praying the Lord will raise up his work in the churches and that we will see repentance and revival in our nation.”


Andrea Williams, Chief Executive, Christian Concern

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Glen Scrivener.jpg

“... A model of gracious engagement regarding this vital issue. Dave honours the text, lifts up Christ and speaks to the heart. Watch, pray and consider how you might speak similarly to a world starved of grace and truth.”



Glen Scrivener, Speak Life

"One of the most forceful voices on the subject in the UK..."


Heather Tomlinson, Premier Christianity

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Church Cross

"Dave dealt sensitively, graciously and compassionately with the difficult truths in the whole abortion issue.  [He] handled the subject brilliantly, spoke about forgiveness, God's grace and mercy as well as the difficulties of the subject. I personally, and I speak on behalf of those whose feedback I received, would urge any church to take the step of inviting Brephos."


Pastor Reg Garner, Soteria Church Uxbridge

"Dave is a Godly man with a pastoral heart.  He is an excellent preacher and handles scripture with deep faithfulness and insight. His ministry is a real blessing to the wider church."


Rev'd Richard Lloyd, St Mary's East Molesey

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“Having Dave Brennan from Brephos has challenged us to engage as a church with the issue of abortion seriously. The Brephos presentation demonstrated to us that we need to act on our convictions about the sanctity of human life from conception through both compassionate care and contending in the public square.”



Daf Meirion-Jones, FIEC

"We were not disappointed. Dave's talk and presentation was sensitively delivered while being informative and challenging.  I am thankful for the ministry of Dave Brennan and the great work of Brephos and have no hesitation in commending them to you."



Pastor James Poch, Regeneration Church, Gidea Park, Greater London

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"Abortion is a vital and urgent issue for the church. Our society is making enormous decisions about the lives of the unborn, and hundreds of unborn babies are being aborted every day. We are so thankful to Dave for speaking sensitively, humbly, openly and clearly about what the Bible teaches on this, showing us the reality of abortion, and helping us think about how we, the church, should and must respond.  I highly commend Dave and the vital work Brephos are doing."


David Seckington, Assistant Pastor, Trinity Church, Central London

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