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Why do we need to talk about abortion?

Why we need to talk about abortion

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January 2014

John Piper, Francis Chan, John Ensor

"There are some things that are so profoundly evil to look at, that you either run away, close your eyes and ears.  Or you take a look and..."

Chan, Piper, Ensor


Image by Kristina Flour

November 2019

Aren't we just called to preach the gospel?

Abortion is so controversial and divisive.  Won’t speaking about it push people away from the gospel?


Won’t it be a distraction from our main calling as the Church to just preach the gospel?

Glen Scrivener


Image by Akira Hojo

November 2019

Why I teach my congregation about abortion once a year

Our false Gods and favourite sins converge on the issue of abortion…


Why is this a part and parcel of the calling of a pastor?

Pete Jackson

Watch/ Read

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November 2019

For such a time as this: Esther 4

What is the great moral test for the UK Church today, and how are we responding to it?


Are we in tune with God’s heart?

Dave Brennan


Image by Ben White

November 2019

Is abortion a gospel issue?

Shouty and aggressive?  Single issue?  Too sensitive for male pastors?  Deflecting from the gospel?

Vaughan nails his colours to the mast.

Vaughan Roberts


Image by Sandy Millar

Speak Life | September 2018

Gendercide: sex-selective abortion

New pre-natal test reveals babies’ gender at 8 weeks gestation.  Parents use this information to decide whether their baby lives or dies.

Glen Scrivener


Abstract Lights

Pastor's Academy | June 2020

Abortion: The basics

The Pastors' Academy Christian Ethics tutor Matthew Mason in conversation with Dave Brennan.

Matthew Mason


Little Feet

November 2017

Justice for the fatherless

“He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow.”  Deutoronomy 10:18  Abortion demands our response.

Pete Jackson


stop child.jpg

Evangelical Times | November 2019

Dear Church, abortion is child abuse

"Well it’s a grey area.  It depends on the circumstances.  It’s a person’s choice."

Dave Brennan


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Premier Christianity | October 2018

Church, we need to talk about abortion

Silence in the Church is not neutral. It communicates something loud and clear: unforgivable.

Dave Brennan



Christian Medical Fellowship | March 2019

Fresh threats to the UK's unborn

Two giants are approaching; are we ready for them?

Dave Brennan


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