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Welcome to the Brephos Pro-Life Teams Training Pack!

The idea here is to inform, equip, and activate small groups of locally gathered Christians across the nation, to see the people of God mobilised in Christlike prayer, word, and action on behalf of the babies and their parents.

All you need to get going on this is 2 or 3 people committed to meeting regularly - say monthly - to pray together and to work through these 5 sessions.

Our hope is that they are comprehensive without being overwhelming.

We don't want to be prescriptive about how long this should take - you may want to discuss at length between sessions, or pursue the resources and projects suggested in connection with each one.


Once you have completed the sessions, you will have been introduced to all the most important facets of pro-life ministry and you will be in a position to respond in an active, ongoing, God-glorifying way. We encourage you to prayerfully seek out at least one area that you can give yourself to wholeheartedly.

If you have any questions or need any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Session 1

What does God think about abortion?

A biblical perspective

Watch: this video from 6:05 to 52:47.

Challenge: How can you get this teaching to the young people in your church?

More: Consider partnering with Brephos as we help the UK Church to think and act biblically on abortion.

Session 2

Voice for the voiceless

Apologetics - defending the unborn

Watch this video and practise the apologetics with one another.

Challenge: Initiate at least one conversation this week by asking someone: "What do you think about abortion?"

More: Watch Aisling's training for advanced apologetics, "Answering the Abortion Advocate", and pursue further training with CBRUK, here.

Session 3


How to end abortion

Watch this eye-opening journey through the history of successful social reform.

Challenge: Share this video on social media, or send it to a friend and ask them what they think about it.

More: Join the movement to end abortion.

Session 4


Christlike love for those who have had abortions

Watch these two videos: the first gives instruction on how to speak with a woman who has had an abortion; the second features a testimony from a woman who had an abortion.

Challenge: How can you help to create a culture of grace rather than a culture of shame in your church when it comes to abortion?

More: Run a recovery course in your church or invite a speaker to share their testimony by connecting with Post-Abortion Support for Everyone.

Session 5


Helping those who are considering abortion

Watch this short, practical video.

Challenge: How can you be ready to share the gospel compellingly with someone facing a difficult or unwanted pregnancy?

More: Get familiar with this webpage offering information and help for pregnant women. Find out more about CBRUK's new project HOPE. Could you get involved?

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