Where is the church?

Where does the church stand?


Brephos  |  July 2019

Message to the UK Church

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.  Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.

(3 minutes)

Dave Brennan


Image by Jason Leung

Wessex Christian Fellowship  |  Oct 2021

Church leadership disunity

What it others in your church leadership team don't want to address abortion?

D. Brennan/ E. Essel


Image by Kelly Sikkema

Conference: For Such a Time as This  |  Nov 2019

For such a time as this: Esther 4

What is the great moral test for the UK Church today, and how are we responding to it?


Are we in tune with God’s heart?

Dave Brennan


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Conference: Breaking the Silence  |  Oct 2018

The UK Evangelical response to abortion

“Abortion is part of our calling,” says Cathy Warwick, Royal College College of Midwives.

Matt Cliff


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Evangelical Times  |  Nov 2019

Dear Church, abortion is child abuse

'Well it’s a grey area.  It depends on the circumstances.  It’s a person’s choice.’

Dave Brennan



Evangelicals Now  |  Oct 2019

Bishops bless butchering

Not one of the 26 Lords Spiritual spoke up or voted against the violence to be unleashed in Northern Ireland.

Dave Brennan



Evangelicals Now  | Oct 2018

Breaking the silence in London

What is the church’s main response to abortion? If we’re honest it can often be described in one word: silence.

Jamie Southcombe



Christian Medical Fellowship  |  March 2019

Fresh threats to the UK's unborn

Two giants are approaching; are we ready for them?

Dave Brennan


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Premier  |  Nov 2018

Extreme abortion proposals in parliament

Where is the Church?

Dave Brennan


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Premier  |  Oct 2018

Church, we need to talk about abortion

Silence in the Church is not neutral. It communicates something loud and clear: unforgivable.

Dave Brennan