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"When I heard that Dave was coming to speak to us on the subject of abortion I had serious doubts. But the whole subject was dealt with sensitively, with much compassion and grace. It was all very informative and I am glad I didn't miss out."

"Hearing Dave speak at our church genuinely shocked me. In a good way. I had never heard the topic of abortion talked about in such a grace-filled way. All that was said, was said in the context and covering of the cross and the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. I have friends who have had abortions and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have felt uncomfortable them hearing Dave’s presentation. It was the truth, but the truth in love and grace. All need to hear this truth."

“A gracious and loving unpacking of both biblical truth and the unspoken truth of abortion. It was eye opening to learn the truth about the abortion process and I felt Dave tackled this subject with love and grace without wavering from God’s truth. I could have invited anyone to come and hear this message, there was no condemnation or shame, only the message of truth and Christ’s forgiveness.”

"Thank you so much for what you brought on Sunday. I thought it was so anointed with a beautiful mix of biblical and scientific rationale with a clear spiritual application that was all done in good taste. To have such a strong conviction that does not harm the strong empathy needed is a clear gift. I received so much from it and have had many positive conversations since. I do only wish that more would have been there to hear it."

"The presentation on abortion recently really made me think deeper about the value of life. I found how Dave linked the idea of ‘our neighbour’ to a baby really intriguing.  Dave’s use of real information from the medical world was also very interesting.  The graph with statistics of those who died in previous world wars compared to deaths due to abortion was very shocking!  The video of what an actual abortion includes was very harrowing but I am glad I endured it because I didn’t realise what the procedure included.  I think the video should be shown to those young people who are legally allowed to have abortions so they realise what the procedure involves before making their decision.  I also think the video needs to be circulated around government to open their eyes."

“I just wanted to thank you again for the words you spoke last evening. Because I had been to secular pro-life presentations before I assumed that nothing you said would be new to me. But your words pierced my heart when you mentioned Ezekiel 20 : 31. It convicted me of my own sin and hypocrisy; how I could glibly pray for revival in my city when our Church whilst being silent on the greatest moral abomination of our time. I want to thank you for challenging me last night.”

"I commend your whole approach: clear, honest, non-condemnatory, biblical and in a good, kind spirit, but with quiet and focused impact. This is a subject which can raise emotions and voices very quickly and you effectively use a different route. "

"I am 60 years and until this video I was never aware how ignorant / complacent we are about the development of life. Woman's right to choose is a lie - abortion is clearly murder. This video is proof that would end the debate for many. Why is this kept hidden? To abortion advocates and "Woman's Right to Choose" protests around the globe, include this piece of truth - end of debate!"