Image by Alicia Petresc

Equipped to Educate Series | March 2020

Defending the unborn

Session 1:

How do we make a simple scientific and philosophical defense for the humanity and personhood of the unborn child?

Aisling Goodison


Image by Clem Onojeghuo

Equipped to Educate Series | March 2020

Answering the abortion advocate

Session 2:


How do we respond to the tricky questions used by those who have been taught to advocate for abortion?

Aisling Goodison


Afternoon Light

Equipped to Educate Series | March 2020

There is a way - life and recovery

Sessions 3:


How do we offer hope to those who have had an abortion?

How can we offer help to those considering having an abortion?

Kathryn Atwood


Image by Matt Walsh

Conference: For Such a Time as This  |  November 2019

Rape, incest and backstreet abortions

Won't making abortion illegal force women to have dangerous backstreet abortions?


Are you going to force a woman who's been raped to have a baby?


What about incest?

Dr Calum Miller