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Into the Pray |  October 2021

C-19 vaccines: are other meds also wrong?

If we take a stand regarding the Covid-19 vaccines, won't that mean that we also have to take a similar stand regarding a wide range of other medications?

Franks/ Brennan


Image by Ben White

Irreverend: Faith & Current Affairs |  April 2021

Abortion and the Covid-19 vaccines

Rev. Jamie Franklin and Dave Brennan discuss the use of human embryonic tissue in the vaccines' development and testing.

What has the Church's response been to the use of this aborted foetal tissue? How should a Christian respond to these facts? And what can the current response tell us about the spiritual health of the Church and our nation?

Franklin/ Brennan


Image by Franck

Into the Pray  |  April 2021

The church and vaccine passports

Nick and Dave pause this week to discuss the general posture of the Church with regard to things like vaccine passports.

First and foremost, we are all people of God, sons and daughters of the Coming King, not abortion activists.

Franks/  Brennan


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Into the Pray  |  March 2021

Covid jabs and the prophetic-less church

We continue to discuss the horrors of abortion and the complicity of the British evangelical Church towards the wholesale promotion of Covid-19 vaccines. 

Franks/  Brennan


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Into the Pray  |  Feb 2021

Should we have the Covid vaccine?

What ethical questions should you consider when thinking about the vaccine?

What facts should we have firmly in mind as Christians?


How do the vaccines relate to abortion and fertility issues?

Franks/  Brennan


Image by Kaja Reichardt

Christian Concern |  April 2021

Should Christians accept vaccines which use fetal cell lines?

What does this really mean, that fetal cells have been used?  Is it ethical?  How should Christians respond?


Tim Dieppe chairs a debate between Dave Brennan and Professor John Wyatt (Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London and President of the Christian Medical Fellowship).

Wyatt/ Brennan


Image by Tom Martin

Desiring God |  January 2021

Can I take a vaccine derived from abortion?

"We should never do evil that good may come.


God honors integrity and principled action that is rooted in his truth and his beauty and his worth."

John Piper


Image by Nicholas Barbaros

Into the Pray  |  March 2021

Vaccines: do not be deceived

Should disciples of Jesus Christ be taking the Covid-19 vaccine?


Discussion of the recent debate between Dave Brennan and Prof. John Wyatt, Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London and President of the Christian Medical Fellowship.

Franks/  Brennan


Person Sitting on Gate

Into the Pray  |  Feb 2021

What if I've already been vaccinated?

Nick and Dave prayerfully navigate (as sensitively as possible) through this difficult situation, offering not just commentary on the big, media-pedalled narratives that are pressing the decision to be made, but speaking words of profound comfort, especially for those who feel conflicted having had the vaccine already.

Franks/  Brennan


Surgery Tools

CBRUK  |  February 2021

Organ harvesting today

Organ harvesting from wrongly killed babies today is commonplace here and around the world.


The connection between the abortion industry and mainstream medical research globally is very strong.

Dave Brennan


Image by Thor Alvis

CBRUK  |  March 2021

12 faulty assumptions about fetal tissue vaccines

The debate around the morality of fetal tissue vaccines frequently both contains and hinges upon faulty assumptions — thus, whichever side you stand on, it's worth considering the most common ones.

Thomas Seidler



CBRUK  |  December 2020

Do Covid-19 vaccines contain aborted fetal cell lines?

Matt Hancock declared that “hope” would soon be injected into millions of arms all over the UK.

But what actually is it that they propose to inject into your arm?

Dave Brennan


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