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Into the Pray  |  18 Aug 2021

Clarifying contraception - pt 4

Ft. Joanna Chandler:

In conversation with Joanna who has done a lot of thinking and studying in this area, starting with her High School thesis a decade ago!

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Into the Pray  |  14 July 2021

Clarifying contraception - pt 1

The facts:

Which "contraceptives" have the potential to end a human life that's already begun?

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Into the Pray  |  24 March 2021

IVF: Is it ever


Nick and Mairi share their journey, and the point at which they came face to face with the realities of IVF and the strong witness of the Holy Spirit that IVF was not the way forward.

We listen to Mairi's testimony as a woman of God who longs to be a Mummy but who recognises something very profound about the heart of God on this issue.

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Into the Pray  |  28 July 2021

Clarifying contraception - pt 3


The joys and sorrows of Anandi and Dave's personal testimony, and their concluding position on contraception.

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Into the Pray  |  5 May 2021


our position

How are our Christian lives distinct from others who also would naturally want children?


How do IVF and the abortion genocide relate to each other?

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Into the Pray  |  21 July 2021

Clarifying contraception - pt 2

The culture:

What are the ideas, attitudes, dreams, and fears that fuel our assumptions and decisions when it comes to contraception?

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White Tile Wall

Into the Pray  |  31 March 2021

IVF, Rachel and


Dave, Nick and Mairi read through a key passage in Genesis (critically, the book of origins) where the deception of the human heart is clear for all to see...or at least those who want to see.

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