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For such a time as this

Conference 2019          Listen again

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November 2019

For such a time as this: Esther 4

What is the great moral test for the UK Church today, and how are we responding to it?


Are we in tune with God’s heart?

Dave Brennan


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November 2019

Aren't we just called to preach the gospel?

Abortion is so controversial and divisive.  Won’t speaking about it push people away from the gospel?


Won’t it be a distraction from our main calling as the Church to just preach the gospel?

Glen Scrivener


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November 2019

Why I teach my congregation about abortion once a year

Why is this a part and parcel of the calling of a pastor?


"Our false Gods and favourite sins converge on the issue of abortion."

Pete Jackson


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November 2019

Won't making abortion illegal force women to have dangerous backstreet abortions?


Are you going to force a woman who's been raped to have a baby?


What about incest?

Dr Calum Miller


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November 2019

Laura, Charlotte and Kathryn had their abortions at Brixton Marie Stopes at around the same time nearly 20 years ago.  These are their stories.

Laura Mann +


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