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Conference 2020          Listen again 

On Tuesday 10 November the lid was lifted on the silent scandal of the last 7 months by Andrea Williams of Christian Concern, Kevin Duffy an ex-director of Marie Stopes International, and other national speakers at an online conference for church leaders hosted by Brephos, the Church project of Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK (CBRUK).

More than 110,000 babies have been killed in England and Wales since March as a result of the Government performing a double U-turn to allow DIY abortions at home under the coronavirus emergency measures. Two mothers have also been killed through these unattended, self-administered abortions.

andrea williams.jpg

November 2020

DIY abortions: what's been happening?

Andrea Williams of Christian Concern:

Andrea gave us an overview of the history of abortion law and culture here in the UK, relating it to other life issues such as embryo research and artificial insemination as well as the weakening of marriage and the family unit, to help us to see how we have arrived at where we are today, before giving us a detailed run-down of that crucial week in March when the Government performed a double U-turn to produce the DIY abortion provision we have now to this day.

Christian Concern have been pursuing a judicial review of this decision by the Government.

One particularly enlightening and sobering perspective borne out of Andrea’s close engagement with this sequence of events was the power enjoyed by the abortion lobby to get things done through their allies in the civil service - even to the point of pressurising and overruling, effectively, Government ministers.

[3:43 - 36:49]

Andrea Williams


Kevin Duffy.jpg

November 2020

Behind the scenes

Kevin Duffy, ex-director of Marie Stopes International:

Dave Brennan, director of Brephos, interviewed Kevin Duffy who shared his experience of having worked in the abortion industry at a senior, international level, and why he became disillusioned with it and came out, and is now helping the other side.


Kevin shared some shocking findings from a “secret shopper” campaign he helped to lead here in the UK over the last few months in which the abortion industry was happy to post powerful abortion drugs to women who weren’t even pregnant, or who said they wanted an abortion to preserve their “bikini body”, or who wanted the pills to give to someone else.


He shed light on why the abortion industry was agitating in the direction of self-administration, globally, and helped us to consider the grim reality behind the instructions of “when you feel the urge, sit on the toilet, push, flush, don’t look” that accompany the abortion pills.


Especially valuable for church leaders, Kevin told us from his professional perspective what “the one thing the abortion industry doesn’t want us to do” is.

[37:00 - 1:01:40]

Kevin Duffy


Dave Borlase.jpg

November 2020

Biblical repentance: why and how?

Dave Borlase of Intercessors for Britain:

Dave Borlase, with a talk rich in aptly chosen and ably handled scriptures, showing us the need for repentance on the part of the UK Church.


Dave showed us the seriousness biblically of the shedding of innocent blood and the impact it has on the standing of God’s people when it happens in their midst. We also learned about the significance of sins of omission, how we’ve not been a voice for the voiceless, and our corporate responsibility to confess our sins and reform our ways together before God. 


Putting forward the case that what we are experiencing in our nation today is judgment from God, Dave shared a prayer that God would not take the pandemic away until he has changed our hearts.


We then went into a time of prayer together.

[1:02:45 - 1:43:20]

Dave Borlase


Aisling Hubert.jpg

November 2020

Voice for the voiceless: effective pro-life apologetics

Aisling Goodison of CBRUK:

To help us to think through how to “be a voice for the voiceless” effectively, Dave Brennan then interviewed his colleague at CBRUK Aisling Goodison who trains people to make the case for life persuasively.


Aisling talked us through the science and the philosophy behind the basic case for life, and went on in a staged dialogue with Dave to show us how to initiate a conversation and how to help people to rethink their own position on abortion, through finding the common ground, using powerful analogies, and asking good questions.


This was a taster of Aisling’s excellent apologetics training which forms part of the Brephos training pack for pro-life teams.

[1:51:00 - 2:04:12]

Aisling Goodison


Dave Showcase.jpg

November 2020

Moving to action

Dave Brennan of Brephos, CBRUK:

Dave Brennan finished by exhorting church leaders towards three simple actions in response to all that we had heard:


  1. Teach our congregation on abortion sufficiently;

  2. Have a special prayer meeting on the issue;

  3. Encourage the formation of a “pro-life team” in our church.


[2:04:12 - 2:09:42]

Dave Brennan


Image by Jon Tyson

November 2020

Q and A with the panel

20 minutes of Q&A with a panel made up of all the speakers plus Dr Calum Miller from the Oxford Centre of Christian Apologetics.


[2:09:42 - 2:33:00]



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