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Image by Gayatri Malhotra

Christian Concern  |  July 2022

Roe v Wade:  Is the end of abortion close?

Is it right for Christians to rejoice that Roe v Wade has been overturned?


What effect is the decision likely to have on the UK?

Round Table


Image by Reed Naliboff

CBR UK  |  June 2022

Roe v Wade & the backstreet abortions lie

"Women will die in backstreet abortions."

Dave responds to this narrative being discussed in the media.

Dave Brennan


Tiny Hands

Speak Life  |  May 2022

Roe v Wade: Truth & grace

Paul Feesey interviews Debbie Mountford about the Roe v Wade situation, the case for the humanity of the unborn, and common pro-choice objections.

How can the Church speak into these issues with truth and grace?

Debbie Mountford


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