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Pro-life activism

Image by Chris Barbalis

Get Involved: Join the Movement


Growing numbers of people are joining the movement to abolish abortion.


Just as being against hunger does little to feed the hungry, being against abortion does little to end the killing: Action is needed.

Join the movement here to expose the injustice where you live.

martin luther king.jpg

CBR UK  |  Jan 2020

How to end abortion

How injustices have been overcome throughout history, and how we can apply these principles to ending abortion today.

Are you a victim, persecutor, bystander or defender?

Aisling Goodison


Image by Nsey Benajah

CRB UK  |  Oct 2019

Unbelievable reactions to seeing abortion

We asked the people of London what they thought about abortion, then we showed them the reality.


Watch their responses, then see the video that challenged their thinking:

Christian Hacking


Image by Bram.

Tron, Glasgow  |  Feb 2022

Tips for outreach

Empowering tips to help you tackle difficult topics with people on the streets.

Dave Brennan


Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

The Critic  | 

September 2021

Punch in the face

Police officers claim that the pro-life activist who “gave offence” is just as guilty as her attacker.

Dave Brennan


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